meandering through the mess that is adulthood


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Hi, I'm Marina & I'm a visual storyteller.

A Californian turned Portlandian with a penchant for international travel, I strive to integrate my love of art, language, and culture into one lifestyle.

In September 2014, I had the opportunity to live in Salzburg, Austria for a year. I quickly fell in love with the challenges and opportunities this foreign lifestyle had to offer me. My friends and I would take evening walks down to the crepe shop, go dancing on weekends, grab midnight döner kebabs thereafter, struggle with grocery shopping and those pesky European measurements (dang metric system!), and explore both nearby and far-off places on the weekends.

I originally created Making Choy(ces) as a medium to share my passion for visual storytelling and traveling. It has since evolved from the Choyces I made in 2014 in blog format to an exponentially growing portfolio of my entire journey thus far.

I am newly graduated (yay!) from University of Portland with a degree in Communication Studies & German Studies. I am always excited about new work & opportunities, so feel free to connect with me below!

*My country count: 32. I hope to explore a new country every year.



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I draw inspiration anywhere from Monet's water lilies to Dadaism, from the Italian Renaissance Movement to Gaudí and Hundertwasser, from Gustav Klimt's golden kisses to temporary tattoos; even from those Tasty food clips. My work is a reflection of my influences and the hodgepodge mess inside my head. And as a result, my world is respectively affected.
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